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Brains and algorithms partially converge in natural language processing Communications Biology

And what if you’re not working with English-language documents? Logographic languages like Mandarin Chinese have no whitespace. All you really need to know if come across these terms is that they represent a set of data scientist guided machine learning algorithms. In this article, I’ll start by exploring some machine learning for natural language processing approaches. Then I’ll discuss how to apply machine learning to solve problems in natural language processing and text analytics. Cognitive linguistics is an interdisciplinary Read More...

Speak & Improve

Is the only site where you can find many kinds of text to speech voices such as robot, scary, man, woman and many more. You can easily find this site upon simple search for ‘robot text to speech’ on google. Most of us like to find an online solution that we can use anywhere robot talk online and anytime, that is why I have collected a list of the three most famous Robot Text to Speech generators websites. Also Read More...